Services & Facts

all legendary coaches are prevost models-52 and 56 seat custom passenger motorcoaches.

all are the widest and tallest-roomiest models on the roads today, with all the latest state of the art safety, comfort and convenience advances available...and then some.

all are air conditioned and heated, restroom equipped with DVD, VHS & TV monitors, AM/FM and cassette players, enclosed parcel racks and with card/work tables upon request. large open and enclosed trailers can be ordered for any and all, larger or longer duration tour group needs.

in other words, this is not, your parents charter bus company... or pehaps, not even yours...if you haven't been on any of these late model, luxury european styled motorcoaches, in the last few years. these busses are not what you used to travel back and forth to school or back from college on. and of course, there's a huge difference between driving to...and riding and relaxing on the way to wherever.

the convenience and cost saving factors are an obvious 'no-brainer' as they say. but you should also know that there's no safer-for you and the environment, way to get large groups of folks anywhere america's roads and highways can take you.

even though we'd have an obvious bias on the subject,...the facts bear our bias out according to the most recent 10 year period of industry data available. once again, and in all categories, busses win out again-no contest. traveling by these types of motorcoaches, are the safest and most fuel efficient, and least energy intensive mode of intercity travel.

the safety, economy and environmental facts are these;

  • safe... passenger car fatality rates are more than 3 times higher, U.S. air carrier and train fatality rates are even higher. in fact all types of busses are safer, but motorcoaches like ours, are the safest. of all bus fatalities, only 11% (33) motorcoaches were involved. transit and school busses are 3 times higher than motorcoaches. and even of the motorcoach fatalities over this 10 year period (46), less than one fourth (11), were passengers on the bus at the time of the accident.
  • fuel efficient... the motorcoach industry provides the most fuel effieient passenger transportation servcie. the industry provided 146 passenger miles per gallon of fuel. the next most fuel efficient mode (intercity train), provided only half that. and motorcoaches are more than 4 times as efficient as private automobiles.
  • environmentaly best option... the energy intensity-'environmental impact' of the motorcoach industry is the lowest of all modes of passenger transportation. the motorcoach industry consumed only 946 Btu per passenger mile. the energy intensity of all other passenger transportation industries was higher than 2,100 per passenger mile-over twice as much.

legendary coaches -- safe and courteous, experienced drivers, at very competitive rates, and unmatched service. we can arrange and plan your whole trip for you/your group, or we can go by your itinerary and provide the transportation. whatever we can do to accomodate your needs, let us know. any event of yours that needs to get large groups of folks anywhere-together, safe, sound, rested and relaxed, you just need to contact Legendary Coaches. Call to reserve your own Legendary Coach today.

we also offer pre-arranged charters and tours-local day or night trips, overnight, and extended stay event, casino and other various sightseeing and travel tours.