5 ways to get a quote-please select whichever one(s) are easiest for you;

first- you can call us at 352.317.8326, and talk to a representative who can take your information, and complete a form for you for the appropriate staff person to figure you up a quote.

second- you can email the appropriate associate(s) from our contact page

third- you can copy and paste this page to a word doc, then fill in all areas as much as possible on your pc, then save and attach it to an email to whichever area or staff person you think can best service your group.

fourth- same as above-# 3,...but you can then just fax it to us once you have your completed word doc done.

fifth- you can just simply print this page out, fill it out by hand as legibly as you can, and fax it to 352.375.6701 to have someone contact you about your inquiry.

group travel itinerary-all boxes must be completed please

Event / Reference Name
Name of Company, Team, Group, Club or Organization
Contact Name(s) (first and last please)
Phone Number(s)-cell, home, work
Best time of day to contact
(and at which number above)

Number of Passengers
(or current best minimum,
maximum estimate)

Originating Location
(address(es), city, state, zip if avail.)

Origination Departure Date & Time
Destination/Venue Location(s)
(name, address(es), city, state, zip...)

Destination Departure Date & Time
Comments (itinerary planning, special
equipment or service needs or
accomodations-hotel and/or
meal arrangements, local destination
area shuttling or desired availability
details, guide and/or attendants,
security, etc.,...)