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    Why should your group have to drive in different vehicles, to go to the same place, and with the same people having to do all the driving it seems? The same 7 to 8, or 10 to 15 folks usually having to do all the driving to or from wherever, and all the destination shuttling back and forth, and all the coordinating with the other ‘volunteer’ drivers. We’ve all been there.

    bus1 Forgetting the liability implications of private individuals toting other folks or even moreso, other folks kids,…just the total fuel and toll expenses of all these vehicles, will often about cover the cost to hire Legendary Coaches. And by the time you’ve tried to coordinate all these vehicles and people to the same place at the same time, and whatever supplies or group essentials, or all the tons of uniforms and equipment involved with almost any sports teams,…it’s about like planning an invasion. And sometimes probably seems more expensive for the usual ‘volunteers’, in time, energy and resources.

    Also forgetting the actual true cost of driving and operating a personal car or SUV, which is about 3 times the obvious fuel costs we usually only consider in these situations (and that’s just what the IRS says it costs you to operate your own motor vehicles), the safety and peace of mind factors-are as they say in that credit card commercial …priceless.

    The difference between having to drive and navigate your way to yet another unfamiliar destination-maps and notes in hand (or on the floor, in the dash, ashtray, back seat somewhere or nicely packed away accidentally…if anyone actually remembered to grab those off the kitchen counter on that last trip out…), hotel or event directions that always seem to leave out or flat mess up-at least one key turn or known to the locals only-street name…excited well meaning passengers, friends for now…being of less than any real help, cell numbers of your fellow ‘volunteered’ harried designated drivers (and with intermittent reception areas),…any of this sounding familiar yet?...

    …versus just handing your luggage to somebody and stepping up in to a luxury Legendary Coaches motorcoach for the smoothest ride in the world, the difference is only huge. And the comfort in knowing all of you and yours,…are safe and also relaxing and enjoying themselves all around you too, even huger…if that’s a word. Actually being able to relax and socialize, watch a movie or DVD, play cards or listen to music privately, catching up on some book or paper reading, take in the sights from huge picture windows way above all those poor souls doing what you used to do…, or just taking a nap…or all the above, is really the only way to arrive in any condition to best enjoy and take in,…or peak perform if that’s the goal, at your travel destination. bus2

    And once you arrive in one of our Legendary Coaches, your benefits only just begin. No parking hassles or parking lot safety issues, being able to be dropped off as close and for as long as you need to properly offload and gather your things at the best entrance to whatever hotel or facility, daily shuttling to your various venues and evening trips to restaurants or area sightseeing per your schedule…there’s no comparison to the usual everyone just giving it their best shot at getting to and finding wherever, and hoping for the best. Let the Legendary Coaches professional drivers & staff, take care of all that work for you. And YOU just take care of You, and enjoying your event to it’s fullest.

    Legendary Coaches, LLC is a privately owned multi-purpose Charter & Tour bus company, offering locals and visitors to our various service areas, a reliable, efficient and luxurious way to reach their destinations. Our deluxe state of the art safety and convenience accommodated buses, and our courteous and professional drivers, will take you safely, relaxed and fully ready to truly enjoy your time at your destination. No more finally making it somewhere…only to immediately begin the dreading of that inevitable long drive back. And why we say; ‘…behind all the great teams are, Legendary Coaches’. Or at least there are a bunch of relaxed and rested fans and boosters!

    questions or general info-please email us directly at (or see our ‘contact’ page for specific areas of information):